Faith allows God to show off

I’ve been thinking about the story of the blind man in John chapter 9 and how he acted in faith without questions. The disciples stood there asking Jesus if the man was blind because of his sons or because of his parents but Jesus stated “neither this man or his parents sinned but this os for the works of God to be revealed in him.” God will allow you to be blind, He will allow you to have a shortcoming that holds you down and that is visible to the world so that when the time is right He will show off through you. This man was born blind, he never knew how it felt to see but he stuck up his faith on Jesus. He did not care what way Jesus used to bring up his sight all je desired was seeing. God glorifies Himself when we are in the peak point of our desperation, when all we have in our hands is faith. God does not want to share the floor with you so after you are done trying and you are totally worn out He appears. Siloam in this context means sent and in my study I noticed God will send you towards your miracle and restoration. This man gave up everything, He did not care it was the sabbath he just walked towards Siloam. The bible says faith is substance of things hoped for and evidence of things not seen (hebrews 11). The blind man hoped for sight even though he had never experienced it. Today spike up your faith so that God can show off through you. Allow God to surprise you by believing in him even when you have no reason to. Romans 10:17 main tip faith comes from hearing, and hearing of the word. KEEP UP THE FAITH!!


Catherine Anne


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