Deep feels far away. I can’t see it, I can’t move. My brain is holding my legs and my eyes are choosing not to see any further than the horizon. Why should I pursue deep? The quest has no tangible reward just a feeling of accomplishment. The hunger for more is beyond control. I cannot carb it, I want more. I don’t need the green pastures I need the shepherd. The still waters are too comfortable for me, I want a waterfall of His presence. They say still waters run deep but last I checked when you drop from the right waterfall, it takes forever to resurface or you simply are lost in the deep waters. In a contest that beats all odds the quuen rules the board, the pawn matters alot but he never gives any ruling because it’s not in his place to. Beyond what the world thinks and against all odds and sayings now that is actually deep. It’s not deep unless it hurts every inch of you in pursuit. If it doesn’t strip you, leaving you vulnerable then it’s not close to deep. If it’s pressing on the issues that you’ve hidden in your ‘secret heart’ then baibe you are deeper than you think. ‘profonde fait mal au coæur’ allow the pinch to really mess you up. Stay up all night, miss meals, cry your eyeballs out then when the sun rises explain to the world how deep feels.

creuser jusqu’à ce que vous touché le fond!!!

Catherine Anne


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