Push harder or further

The cry in your brain reminds you that you don’t need to work harder all that is required of you is smartness. Your knees gave up already you can’t walk and crawling ceases to be an option. They keep whispering about a light at the end of the tunnel but deep inside you know you ain’t going through a tunnel your whole world is dark. The silver lining in the cloud is the only source of light for you. Wincing your eyes at the only source of life you slowly flinch at the painful idea of giving up then you lie on your belly and decide to move on. This journey just began. I can’t allow this opportunity to live again to pass me by because I allowed the world to kill my dreams. I can always go back to sleep and dream again. I know I want a plane but I have no space for an airstrip or a helipad but my dreams a valid. I choose to push faster and harder. I won’t stop, I’ll move against the current until I get to my desired position. It’s time I acted upon the words of James in the second chapter that “faith without action is dead.” Believing is just but the ignition now you need to drive the car. It’s time I drop myself from the waterfall because I can use all the force I can get. I have to propell to greater heights. It’s time I gave the world a chance to see the uniqueness in my calibre. I’m a special species. Yes I cry all night, yes I’m anti-social, yes I don’t fit in but all in all this are my stepping stones to greatness. I’ll push myself through the dark times until I make it. You can’t speak greatness but act like you ain’t got it. Step up push harder and faster your greatness is waiting.


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