A Standing Warrior

I pledge my allegiance to the kingdom of God and the Holy Spirit. I stand as a warrior who choose not to be intimidated by cowards and enemies of the church. I’m waging war with any terrorist any enemy of israel, I’m going to fight you till i win. Am unapologetic because my Father in heaven calls me more than a conquer. This is not a carnal war, its not of the flesh but of the Spirit. I will fight you all until i achieve world peace for my coming generations. To all fools planning war or any blood shed, i summon heavenly fire into your camps. I am a heir of Abraham and i have blessings inprinted in my DNA. Keep in mind that I  Catherine Anne Deborah, the cherubim, seraphim, the four creatures and the twenty-four elders are before God asking Him to vindicate us. I will spend my time on my knees because I’m only answerable to one authority Jesus. For all those who have been stricken by the menace don’t worry my God has you covered. He will give you a new song, he will train you into a new dance. The Holy Spirit will embrace you, keep the memory of your dear ones alive. You will not die of depression or grieve but you will rise like a great army and celebrate God’s mercies and grace.
   I stand at the front row in the battle field daring the devil to try and tease my God once more. I’m sure my God is looking down from the throne and watching His children’s afflictions. He will surely vindicate  us. He is Jehovah rapha He will heal our wounded hearts. For all enemies of the church don’t let God summon Angel Michael because that will be the end of your race. Even in this dark time God is going to bring down the latter revival. Many will get saved, many will be delivered, many will be redeemed for my God changes not. My flag is the blood of Jesus that i will let flow all over, to cleanse, to heal, to release a supernatural occurance into the atmosphere.
     I might be the only one on this battlefield but I’ll fight so that my future generations will experience world peace. I stand with France and the world as a whole. Am a standing warrior waging war.

Kay Kay Njuguna


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