The only star in the sky.

Looking out as spring begins, everything is blooming. The grass is a little bit greener, the tree barks are a little juicy but the leaves are not out yet. The tress look dry like there’s no hope of ever harbouring life but as the season goes on life springs up from them. A dark night no moon no stars, the crickets are silent, the frogs are humming sad hymns instead of their joyous croaking and the darkness is terrifying even to the devil himself. Every movement is too load, the world is in a moment of semi-silence. Then out of the blues a shooting star appears and it ignites a spark into the world, everything jumps lively as if the creator has breathed a new life into them. It’s a moment of great revelation that all creation needs is an ignition to their innermost wildness, ‘THE STAR!!!’
In life we all have days that seem like nights, dark scenes in our playbook. Deals gone bad, futile plans, loss, dark gain and worst of all total darkness. Sometimes all we need is patience to survive the wait. Besides love, patience is a virtue that people need but are scared to embrace. No one wants to be starved of the chance to be free, we all hate the part where we need to pay the price before we get the jewel. If Jesus decided on not dying on the cross and waved a wand, yes our sins would have been forgiven but am sure salvation would not have been a beautiful thing. Allow your craving for greatness be your motivation to push through the valley of the shadow of death. When the going gets tough, stop and do some stretches because the journey just began. They’ll be days when you can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel, that doesn’t mean that the tunnel doesn’t have an end it just might mean the tunnel is curved. You might be as lifeless as a tree in the winter but assuredly no season lasts forever your spring will come and you will sprout forth with life. Just because the rainy days are too long don’t allow floods to overcome you, store the water because dry seasons are nigh.
Grasp on your shooting star that even when the sky is dark your memory of it will shine through the universe. Count your blessings louder in your worst days it scares the devil away.


Kay Kay Njuguna


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