Vampire glory

I have nothing, my eyesight is blurred by the races in my head. I know tomorrow is there but I cannot see it. Tears feel like acid washing away the remaining of my eyesight. Knowledge is the knife that is moving deeper and deeper into my heart. It’s scary when you know the sun will rise from the west tomorrow but it’s also breathtaking to experience and witness the miracle. Difference takes courage and pain is the motivation. To be the difference you want you must be willing to dive into the deep sea of fire, swim against the floods. If you cannot swim at all, if you cannot tango with the sharks you don’t deserve a spot in this race. Huh!! I know they say the battle is not for the strong or the swift but honey let me burst your bubble you better be fast and strong or else…. You’re supposed to grab opportunities as soon as they show up and not stop to pet them but run to achieve. I don’t have the luxury to celebrate every step all I can do is lift a praise as I go on in this journey. Don’t get me wrong, am not talking about physical strength, yes this important but my aim is spiritual. When you are too weak because God has allowed the devil to torment you the gym will not be an option. Think about it this way God just decided one day that Job is a cool homey and he represents Him well and so when the devil asks God decides to brag. “Yes Job is so great that you can do whatever you want to him and he won’t bend.” The devil really went overboard with this offer but God was so confident that Job would make it through that He didn’t intervene.
  Do you think if Job was was lifting weights he would have been to defeat the devil? He was spiritually fit, enough to persevere through the darkest and most painful scenes. The joy of the Lord is my strength. I can let the devil steal anything from me but my joy b is not a choice because as soon as he takes that am as good as dead. I will sing even when the lightning is stopping and restarting my heart, even when the fire is too hot. Just because you cheered the pastor on as he preached on grace and favor doesn’t mean you’ll get it. You don’t actually deserve any of it so you have to work for it and earn it. Jesus dying on the cross was for forgiveness but it doesn’t mean you’ll misbehave and get away with it, honey you’ll die!!!!!! For the wages of sin is death. The Bible does not mention survivors it just talks about victors, conquers. Am okay with you surviving from pay check from pay check, from doctor to doctor, fix to fix, last drink to the very last one and even the very very last. Oh am more okay with you surviving heartbreak after heartbreak, abuse after abuse, loss after loss, addictions and sins. But as for me and my whole self I will conquer it all, I will rise above it all. I know it’s hard but when on my knees ready to give up, desperate for my next fix, I’ll call unto God instead. I’ll get so addicted to God that everything else will fall in place.
   I’ve decided to bask in what I call the vampire glory, yes flourishing in the opposites. Darkness will be my light, fear will be my power, failure will be my gear shift,weaknesses will be my secret weapons and love will be my daily objective. In a misalon to get through this tears and fears stronger than ever.



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