Don’t Allow Anyone to Steal Your Hope.

Dear reader today I want to engage you in my life for a little bit. I always thought that the ideology of ‘an eye for an eye’ worked fairly in all life aspects. I expected people to rub my back because I rubbed theirs. I expected smiles and love from everyone I was nice to. This being wrong didn’t hurt as much as the crushed expectations. Am cool with a broken heart because there’s always a way to get back stronger than before but if you break the raw materials of building back my fortress you are crushing me as a whole. When we take away people’s hopes for better days we take away their reason to live. Some of us like to believe that there are good people in this world but it’s sad that the so called good people have sharper claws than hawks. I told you am letting you into my life so walk with me and you’ll realise the reason behind these strong convictions.
       Most people are deep and they say deep stuff (deep being the analogy used by Christians to describe super spiritual) but very few people are deep in the Lord. They own two hearts one very faithful and the other wild and exposed to all the world has to offer. We just let God into our ‘holy’ hearts but the other side. Nobody wants to feel vulnerable anymore more, we don’t want to be bare and exposed before God. We want to savour what the world has to offer and still sit at God’s table and dine. If you want to identify lukewarm people they’ll quote scriptures even about their meals. On a personal level there was a time that I wanted to have both worlds and those are the times that I learnt scriptures the most. Don’t get me wrong when I say learned I don’t mean reading and waiting for a revelation or simply meditating, I mean reading so that I can have something to quote in my conversations with believers. I was so scared to be vulnerable in church because believers judged me by my shortcomings but the world happened to accept me as wild,silly and crazy as I was.
    The most scary bit was like I kept going back to church because deep inside me I believed that only God would granted me the peace I was seeking. I was stripped of my hope of being better. My Spirit was crushed but thank God my zeal was left intact. I learned the truth about salvation being personal. Nobody cares for you like the man who died on the cross for you. Nobody will be there for you always but God. You are all you got and you are all the support system you need. Never allow anyone to break you down, hold on to hope like it’s the last straw between life and death. Let salvation be a personal journey, just because someone is speaking in tongues and prophesying doesn’t mean they belong in your life. Jezebel was a prophetess and all she prophesied came to pass but she was using the power of the devil. So just quacks like a duck, looks like a duck it doesn’t mean it’s a duck. Allow God to be your closest friend that you will simply put your trust in Him and not man.


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