A letter to Mr. Me

For the love of my life you are such a bitter pill, for the other half of me you are such a sore spot. If you can’t be there when the sun is rising be there when it’s setting. I know am aging like fine wine but you can’t store me forever. They call us soul mates but honey if our souls are tangled up with others then there are so many mates in our soul. If you are tied up with loads of the past what space do we have to create a future. I know am supposed to be a helper but I can’t help you untangle yourself from the Rollercoaster of the past, you have to be ready to do a solo dance to freedom. Don’t get me wrong am not going to leave you to deal with it all by yourself, in the meantime I’ll be dealing with me. I’ll make sure that am the woman in your dreams, the babe of your fantasy and the desired spouse of your prayers. I’ll be an answer to your deepest and darkest desires, I’ll be the reason you make a silent plea of praise to the heavens. As you go through the journey of being the man God wants you to be, I’ll pray for you day and night, I’ll encourage you every step of the way and I’ll be by your side.
      Before you get the idea that am angel let me explain somethings. I’ll fight with you and for you. As much as I love you, I’ll push your limits even your hard limits. I’ll probably drive you crazy sometimes and you’ll want to pull my hair out but even then I promise to find my way off my high horse and apologize. I’ll argue with you about some things not because I disagree but because the sound of your voice is music to my ears. You are to be my priest, yes God and me will award you a levictical office. Just like the high priests you are to declare and decree blessings over my life. You have the power to bind and lose things in my life. As you do this I’ll be humble at your feet receiving instructions.
       Am an alpha and that makes me stubborn but all this energy will be invested in proverbs 31. I’ll help you build an empire. I’ll be your number one fun, supporter and cheerleader. Babe I will be be you human journal, I’ll be there to listen to you vent. You will be my number one “girlfriend ” in times of outfit crisis. Don’t freak out all you gotta say is “jeez, OMG, you slaying it girl etc”ūüėāI’ll teach you all. I’ll tell you about all the hot guys on TV but don’t worry I’ll be there for you when you want analyze the hot girls. You are my prophet, speak to my future, our future. This is just a little of the fun I’ll have with you Mr. Me when you find me Mrs. You. I love you and will love you through this cycle.


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