For the past few days I’ve been deep in thought wondering when the world got so dark. We want to have the cake and eat it too. When did stupid become cool or careless the in thing? At one time I wanted to throw the blame to the heathens and non believers for the darkness that has filled the earth but I noticed that this people don’t change they’ve been this way since the stone age. Those who chose the way of sin have been faithful to accomplish at least  the minimum requirements in the sin world. Killers have earnestly killed guilty and innocent as they please, church crushers have crushed each and every church they can. Big question is why are Christians bipolar.

Christians are now classified in the different stages of their disorders. Don’t get me wrong churches are more packed than ever, people are attending services faithfully. Jesus said we will know them by their fruits, so am asking where are the fruits of our prayers and sermons? God did not stop speaking but we don’t listen no more. We cannot hear the still small voice in the midst of the madness in our heads. We sit through Sunday service and shout “HALLELUYAH” every time the preacher makes a ‘point’ but on Monday we are busy condemning our brothers using the preachers  ‘point’. We  have defied grace to a point where our eyes have started seeing some sins to be greater than others. ” Everything happens for a reason to the righteous” the preacher quoted this scripture from Romans 8:28, the church clapped and stood on their as he continued to show them how all their trials were ordained by God for specific purposes. Due to the lack of a revelation beyond what the preacher talked about, on Monday. one lady got to work and found out that one of her non believer workmate was in an accident and this is what she said ” Am sorry you are not saved because this accident would have been for good but now it was all in vain that you broke your legs” This lady spent at least one hour of her precious Sunday listening to a sermon that left her more stupid than she was before. Just because the pastor says that if you sow a seed you will be blessed doesn’t mean you will because blessings come after a personal encounter with God. Look at this; God did not give Abraham a son after he gave a seed to Melchizedek, he got a son after God sent His angels to his house, after God explained to him the magnitude of the blessing (like sand in the ocean, like stars in the sky)

As a Christian are you solid in the word or do you just move with the flow? Do you stop at just reading the word or do you allow God to reveal it to you? We are living like the demon possessed Saul. Saul got better when David played the harp but as soon as he stopped Saul was mad again. Are we spiritual psychos, that we are only okay when in church but we are a crazy nation away from it all? The world is not full of bloodshed because the killers have increased their visions, NO, its all because we as Christians are sleeping on the job. We gave up our baton of world governance over to the world. The Bible has called us a royal priesthood because we don’t answer to the worldly principalities but the heavens. We are not accountable to the rules of this world but sure we are bound by the Word of God. We don’t have the spirit of fear in us because God has given us the Spirit of power, love and sound-mind. God expects you to exert your power always, don’t run away from your demons but instead cast them out by name. Love everybody, no matter the color, religion, status or even origin love them all unconditionally. Use your common sense. God has given you sound mind so use it. When everyone is busy putting each other down, raise an army of love instead. Do not be conformed to the ways of the world, you be the change the world needs. Represent God in those places that people think He can never get to. Instead of hating all week and loving on Sunday, spread the love of Jesus all day all the time. May the church be your heart and not the buildings we meet in. Allow God to dwell in you. Allow Him to be intimate with you to a point that your life is all it takes for people to be saved. Let us all start putting our faith into actions. Let us be a people who stand in the gap for their nations and not stirring discord amongst the people. Let us fight this war on our knees with our mouths open in one direction and that is the heaven. ONE WORLD, THE JESUS WORLD.



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