The greatest tales are the simplest. Jesus comes from heaven, from a mighty throne to a dainty home. He comes all the way to save us from our sinful ways. A very simple illustration of love. The reverse or rather the other side of the coin holds a truth too. The greatest downfalls are simple. Moses was handpicked by God for a special most significant assignment but all it took for him to lose sight of it was anger. He was to simply speak to the rock but his anger lead him to strike it instead. In this life cancer is not going to be the reason that most of mankind will die young, not even terrorism but our choices and emotions will slay us

In my life I’ve learned and perfected the act of being ‘ok’. My plastic smile would heal the sick and don’t even get me started on my encouragement verses that would put a heathen into a repentance coma. We live in a society where the words ‘how are you’ are more of a salutation than concern as they should be. Just observe most people will ask you how you are as they walk away because so help me God if you share how you really are they would lose it. Nobody wants to give we all want to receive but we forget to whoever much is entrusted much is expected. If all you do is tap from the encouragement river or from the stream of God’s grace, honey, God expects you to impact the same magnitude of freshness to others. God is not seeking perfection, uh-uh He is seeking submission. A people who know that without God they cease to exist. I know deep inside me that God doesn’t want me okay, He doesn’t need me whole, He wants me ready. Ready for Him to use me, work on me and with me. Everyone might expect me to be okay always but God allows bad days to happen so that He can be glorified. Job was not an evil man but God still allowed the devil to get to him, all so that His name will be exalted.

Choose to be different today. Every choice you make pushes you either close to your grave or closer to God. Don’t let your past or present stand as an excuse of why you are miserable or sinning. Choose today to allow the potter to mould you to what He wants you to be.  Allow Jesus to transform you by the renewal of your mind. Be as crazy as Mary and drop at the feet of Jesus in full submission. Give Jesus your best worship (break your alabaster bottle and give it up to God). Give up your reservations and status and stand vulnerable before God. He doesn’t need you strong because He is our strength. You can’t enjoy salvation until you realise that perfection is not the story but construction is. God wants to be needed that’s why He does not dictate excellence but He commands truth and Spirit. God doesn’t want excellent well conducted worship, He wants you to go to Him in truth. The truth that you are not okay but you know He is the answer.  The truth that you are a sinner but He will forgive you. Make a choice to promote a generation hungry for raw worship. Contrite hearts. 

Am longing for a time where we cease to call slow songs worship just because they bring our emotions to the surface. There is no difference with being in a blues concert and singing with your eyes closed, hands up and tears flowing. We have made the church the saddest place on earth because all we do is cry and scream, we cry for the whole hour of worship because we ‘feel the presence ‘ then scream all through the preaching because ‘he brought down the word’. God’s presence is not that sad feeling you get as you contemplate on your relationship with God. In His presence there is fulness of joy. God doesn’t need a crying generation, He needs people who are desperate for change. The Samaritan woman did not care who Jesus was all she wanted was the living water and this is exactly how we are we want the miracles without contacting the Miracle Worker. Chasing the resources instead of the source. Oh i agree there is such a high in worship, when am having a rough time all i do is get into a moment of worship and I feel refreshed but its not about the song its about the contact with God. The reason I say it’s not song is because from personal experience the song can change everyone in the church and leave you the same. I led worship at times even straight from a night from the club and people’s lives were transformed and i was left as miserable as before. God can use whatever means or vessel but you might miss your chance as you wait for a perfect vessel. Give up your most ugly moments to God and allow Him to be exalted in your redemption. The lattet revival is going to happen the question is, is it going to be your end or your climax?


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