What’s the measure of good? Who decides when you’re good enough? What’s the scale that’s measures goodness ? 

A million questions flowing through my mind but all i want to comprehend is what goodness is. Most people go through rejection because someone thought they were not good  enough, but who said you need to be a certain amount of good? If i was good enough the story  of calvary would have never existed but God sent His greatest treasure to rescue me from the world’s pressure . I was saved by His mercies and I live by grace. Each day is a struggle because i have to allow Him to perfect my imperfections . The beauty of God is that He didn’t prohibit us from judging others, He simply said ‘judge and you will be judged.’ If for some reason am not good enough on your scale, it is high time you take the highway because God calls me great. I live by faith and not by sight because sometimes all i see is my sins that are as black as coal but my faith says He will wash me white as snow. Am not a hero but i am a product of a hero who died so i could  live. I’m not right but His blood makes me righteous . I am not holy but The One in me makes me whole. So don’t point fingers at my mistakes unless your blood can clear me of my faults. Am not good enough because He is not done with me yet. If my race, my size, my skills and my looks make me  good enough then i choose to be different . God does not work like the concealer in  your make up  kit, He works  like a make-up remover, clears all!!! 

You are saved and cannot do that!!! Yes honey I am saved but am under construction . If i was perfect then God would not have sent me a helper. I might prophesy, speak in tongues and still struggle with sin but all i know is that ” He who started the good work in me is faithful to bring it to completion.”  It is absolutely fine if am not good enough for you because that means that you are not good enough for me either .  God refers to me as a royal priesthood even though am not perfect, so if you are too good for royalty then suit yourself. Before you open your mouth to bring someone down or even pass judgement know their story and testimony. Take the log off your eyes so that you can visibly see the speck in my eye. It might just be dilated pupils😊.

One time I went through great persecution in church because i was not dressing well enough per their standards. Deep inside me i was thanking God because He had delivered me from alot of other things that my dressing was a non issue . People did not take time to celebrate with me of the milestones that God had walked me through because they were too busy calibrating their scales of goodness. This time broke me and as a new believer I thought maybe God wants us to look a certain way and it doesn’t matter what we are hiding under it all. Many people are fighting with lust, fornication, addictions  just to name a few but just because they look appealing on the outside the inner-man is starved. In that time of my life as i struggled with the rejection I met a woman who prayed for me. She diligently worked on my inner man, took me through the journey of being set free that I finally changed my dress code from the goodness of my heart. She worked on taking my insecurities away, my addictions that i struggled with and showed me what God saw when He looked at me. She loved me with the love of Christ and embraced me with my imperfections. How many people are ready to embrace you with all your shortcomings? God still used me mightily in ministry even when i had struggles in my personal life and it is because its not my job but His. I don’t want to be good enough but i want to be a vessel of honor.

Church we are so quick to judge that we miss on what God brings to the table. Was i a good believer probably not but in the words of my friend “you are as much of a lesson to me as i am to you.” Allow the church to be a ground where people can  flourish not wither. Take me as i am and walk with me that is what makes you a good steward. Drop the scales because I might not be black enough, white enough, skinny enough, plump enough, learned enough, anointed enough or even blessed enough but honey “He that is in me is greater than he that is in the world”


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