Salvation vs committing your life to Christ.

Salvation has been equitted to a well rehearsed altar call in these days we are living. We have brought this concept down to repeating certain words without understanding the magnitude of that moment and walking away. This has led to some great downfalls as a church because we leave people with expectations that are not even Biblical. Salvation does not mean that your life is going to be great with no tribulation in my opinion it actually means that the tribulations will increase. When I gave my life to Christ it was both a life altering moment and a memorable day for me. Born as a preacher’s daughter I desired to know God for myself in my own way. On this night a preacher was preaching in my school and through it all I desired to know his God. Through him I gained a revelation of how beautiful a relationship with God could be and in that precise moment I gave my life to Christ but I did not commit my life totally to the mastership of Jesus. Walk with me as we learn the difference. Yes I was saved and my sins had been forgiven but I did not give God ownership over my life. This presented itself because my ways remained the same and my struggles were the same. The devil still had me under his subjection because I did not commit my life to Christ. Yes I know this is confusing . (2nd Corinthians 5:17) As a Christian you are supposed to submit your life in totality to the subjection of Jesus. What I mean is your whole life is to be controlled by Him, your thoughts, plans, intentions, actions,everything.You have to cease being who you were before and become new [sanctified and forgiven and owned by Jesus] We as Christians want to surrender just some pieces of us to God but want to keep reign over others but as long as your life is not fully committed to Christ then the devil has every legal right over you. The commitment of salvation is a transaction between God and man. We give our lives to God and we become debtors to him as paul says (Romans 8:12-16). We cease to own ourselves and give up our rights to God. This is easily described when Jesus says that to follow Him you will give up your family and bear your cross, this means you are ready to lose all you perceive as valuable and even die just to be a follower of Christ (Luke 14:26-27, Philippians 3:8) So have you made that full commitment to God or does the devil have reign over you? I even realized that the more committed we are to God the greater the tribulations because God trusts you not to waiver in faith. Faith being a gift to us from God(Ephesians 2:8)  Job had committed his life to God and hence when the devil went to God to petition over his life, God allowed the devil . God was sure that Job would come out victorious because God owned him and knew just how committed he was. God can allow the devil to torment you in any way but He will never give him power over your soul. Most of us live lives controlled by the devil because we failed to submit ourselves in full commitment to God.  Ask God today to take full mastership over your life, all if you: body, soul, spirit and rebuke the devil and tell him to leave your life because our Father in heaven owns all of you. This is not an easy journey because as the bible says we die everyday but the best thing is we shall have eternal life rejoicing with our Father in heaven (1st Corinthians 15:31) . Be blessed as you meditate on His word. Shalom.


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