The prayer of a righteous man

Many people define pride as the feeling that you are better than everybody else which to me is totally wrong. You can actually be better than everyone around you depending on who you hang around. Yes there are people more intelligent than I am, prettier, more honorable and many more qualities. No one person has excellence in all attributes but one can attain excellence in all depending on the people around them or if the person is growing and the people around him or her are not. Most people are intimidated when people are better than them, instead of actually using it as a motivation we tend to use it as a weapon. On my 21st birthday I wanted to make a difference in the world something that I would look back when I was 70 and give the younger me a thumbs up. One week before I went into my mum’s jewelry box and took out a gold ring that my dad had bought her a few years before then. I tried it on and it fit and I took it with me. PS: Don’t take stuff from your parents. That Sunday I told my mum I took it and she said it was okay. I took the ring and made a vow that unless I find a man who makes me as silly as my dad makes my mum I will not even let them buy me coffee. On my birthday my friends had a house party for me and in attendance was my very gorgeous crush (or at least I thought he was at the time) They had all sorts of alcohol with them even some weed, hookah and all sorts of party pleasantries. This was a time that the choice I made would be the determinant of the rest of my life. I refused to drink or use any of those things and I decided to see if I could have fun sober. All  my so called friends took the sidelines and kept telling me how lame I was for refusing their idea of fun. We danced and had a good time till the wee hours of the morning and everyone left apart from a few that were spending the night. My crush lets call him Kyle was among the people who were spending the night. Everyone went to bed and as I went to make sure he was settled in he said he wanted to talk. I sat on the couch where he was and he said ” I wanted to do this all night” and he came closer trying to kiss me. I wanted to move in and kiss him, trust me I really wanted to and my whole body was already thanking the gods for this chance but God’s voice was so loud “STOP!!!”  I looked at Kyle and was about to start the debate with God of how he was more wonderfully than fearfully but I couldn’t. He was just as surprised as I was and he asked ” babe we can go to your room if you want privacy I just thought you felt the same way” By now I was right on the verge of crying because I never had to say no to anyone before this time. “God says no. I have no idea what you are feeling but I feel like this won’t end after kissing you. Every time I look at you I start undressing you. I imagine how well your biceps would feel, I want to see and touch your abs and many more things that I have extensively fantasized about but if I do this now I will miss a chance to please God.” As soon as I had my last word in I run lightening fast to my room and fell prostrate on the foot of my bed and just cried. I asked God why (yes I am well aware that fornication is a sin but I still asked) and this is what He said “Child if I had let you fall into sin tonight you would have missed the big thing you had purposed to do and you also would have missed witnessing by my name. Now that young man will tell everyone about it and it will save you from mediocre friends and suitors.” I felt so stupid I got up and sat on my bed and thanked God so much for saving me from a stupid mistake. When you pray to God in an earnest spirit He will always honor your prayer even when you don’t. God is like a speed governor, when you are about to go over the speed limit He stops you just before you’re arrested or in an accident. Surely the prayer of a righteous man availeth much.


(stay tuned for next episode)





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