For God so LOVE the world


The amazing story of love has trickled down as the years pass and now we use the word lightly. This was a word used to describe how our dear Father in heaven gave up His son for us to come die for our sins. Its a story of ultimate sacrifice and selflessness and it has brought me to a realization that LOVE is not a feeling but an action. When God commanded men to love their wives as He loves the church it was a simple order that they should be ready to give up their lives for them. It is easy for women to love because they are emotional beings but men are logical so if they cannot find the logic in it, it becomes a task. We are supposed to love unconditionally, without expecting even a simple smile in return. You start from loving God, then yourself and finally everyone else in that order. You cannot learn to love others if you do not love God with every inch of your being and also love every bit of yourself. Today I would like to share a simple love story that I have had the privilege of being part of and I hope it will enhance your love story.

My dad was born in a family that was not any bit of religious and he had the blessing of being first to get saved. He loved God with every bit of himself and he gave up all he had going on and decided to serve God. He gave up his job and friends and went into ministry. He wasn’t perfect, he was still too ‘fresh’ in the game but he gave it full commitment without expecting anything more than the satisfaction that he pleased God. During His time in ministry( still very soaked in God) he met my mum. They did not start dating just because there was chemistry between them but they both teamed up and started pursuing God together as friends. Fast forward to a few years later when God opened their eyes and they realized that the connection they had was more than a church thing. They started dating but it did not take them long before they were married because in each step God confirmed their actions. I know this sounds like a cliché story but I gave it for you to understand that if love was a feeling my dad would not have qualified to be chosen by God. He was way in too deep in drugs and other worldly things that am sure if God was a man He would have never chosen a man of that caliber. As a sign of love God picked up my dad from his ways and not only saved him but even put in him a burden of ministry. You do not qualify for God’s love but His love qualifies you.

My mum was born from a rich family and she lacked nothing growing up. She never got born again because she wanted to experience God but because she wanted a job. In her experience God dealt with her until she realized that there was more to a relationship with God besides provision of wealth (story for another day). When she met my dad, she looked up to him as her pastor and nothing more. He was not her ‘type’ at all. They fellowshipped together and even became so close but the blinds were still on and she could not see him for who he really was meant to be to her. Soon she fell in love with what God was doing to her through him, she had become more prayerful, gracious and definitely more virtuous. The more she loved herself the more room she had in her heart to love him. She started to see him for who he really was and not for what he did or did not have. By the time the two of them had started dating they did not love each other for what they expected but simply for what they saw. My mum loved my dad because she allowed herself to see him through God’s eyes and vice versa. When you learn to love yourself and be whole you will not love other people in search for completion but for complementation. This is not a journey that anyone hungry for companionship can embark on because there are times the warmth fades away and the love has to keep you from alighting halfway through.

Several decades later my parents still love each other and in my opinion more now than before. There are days that if they loved each other for anything material they would have broken up. One day when I was young we did not have any money to buy food and the only thing in our house was a little corn flour, some potatoes, a little oil and half onion. My dad came home and he mixed all this ingredients into something that surprisingly turned out to be edible. It is funny that we laugh about this day now but that night my mum cried so hard until she fell asleep because she had never witnessed that level of poverty. To my dad that was an easy fix but to her that was just the ultimate definition of poverty. My dad was there for her in the transition and surprisingly bearing in mind she had a choice to walk away and go back to her rich family she stuck by him. Will what you call love  survive all the seasons of life? When the sun is too hot will it be your shade? when the rain is too heavy will it keep you dry? and when it is all calm will it hold you tight and give you joy to get through the stormy times? If your answer is yes then you are definitely in love because love conquers all seasons and motions.

To all the single people out there start with God because we all have a tendency of only seeking Him when the seasons are tough. Love on God and follow His command because honey when it is His turn to show you just how much He loves you, you will be smitten. Then love yourself; love your shortcomings, weaknesses, strengths and most of all embrace every inch of yourself. Be your number one fan and cheerleader, never speak negatively about yourself to yourself. Treat yourself with absolute grace and class so that you will know when someone tries to degrade you. Finally allow yourself to be loved and when you fall in love, love them as you love you. For the married ones love your partner with all your heart keeping in mind that you only answer to God. Don’t try to change your partner to fit into what you want them to be but stand beside them in all they are called to be. Marriage is a ministry and if you cannot be unconditional in your marriage you will end up being frustrated in life because you will always be expecting stuff from people. Your dreams do not have to be your partners dreams too but both of you are called to support each other. If your husband is an accountant your mathematical ability is irrelevant all you need to do is encourage him and listen what God has for both of you. The simple “I got your back” goes a long way. If you are keen enough you’ll realise that life is actually boring when we mould people to our liking because we reap them of their unique aspects. My father is a preacher and not even one time did he ask my mother to play the preacher’s wife post but by allowing her to love him and support him from a distance she grew to be the most exquisite first lady. She supported his ministry and prayed for him but did not get into it until God directed her to it. When you love your partner gently they will fit into your life like a glove. At first my dad did not need a first lady he needed a wife to hold him when it got tough and as he transitioned God allowed my mum to grow into the post.

I hope that each one of us will create or enhance their love stories. Feel free to share with me your love stories through email or on the comment box. Also on a lighter note my parents have their silver jubilee in a few month and you guys should give me ideas on a surprise for them.❤❤❤❤😘besos.
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Take A Chill Pill and Listen


Take a deep breathe because am just about to burst your bubble. It’s not always about you so get over yourself. We leave in a ‘me’ generation and it sucks how much we miss in life due to our selfishness. If you look at your life keenly everything you do has an effect on other people so the next time you want to say “it’s my life i can do whatever i want” THINK TWICE or maybe thrice. Most of us are subconsciously careless in the name of rights and freedoms. Today we’ll cover a few senerios and instead of daggers I’d totally prefer if you blew kisses at me😘

I haven’t had sex in ages, at first it was because I was single and I’m not the one night stand type. Oh it sucked so much and during this season i decided to give celibacy a shot. Don’t get me wrong i did not decide on celibacy because there was no one to roll in the sack with nope! It was simply because I wanted more not just for me but for my future spouse and family. I know ya’ll are wondering what it has to do with other people so let me break it down. Each sexual encounter makes you one with your partner so after three guys for example you have collect enough demons and issues to  give legal ground to a whole bunch of demons to attack (not mentioning soul ties). Fornication is such a great ground for the devil to torment you freely and he does it legally so God cannot even stop him unless you repent and get delivered. Fast foward to the great day you meet your soul mate and you two are madly in love the moment you two have sex all the bunch of stuff you collected in your sexcapades is transferred to them. Now your soulmate lives a life full of torment from the devil because you couldn’t keep your legs together. Then kids are born and they inherit your gift of sins and behold this goes on to the fourth generation. Next time you are getting all ready for hot steamy sex (at least i hope you’re having amazing sex😂) keep in mind you are in demon collecting business. 

Okay now that I have you all freaked out and possibly angry let’s tone this down a little. The reason we have so many nude pictures all over is because most of us have the chronic version of the ‘me syndrome ‘. Everyone is posing in great beautiful outfits so to make this show all about me i need to step up and pose in my birthday suit. Then the same generation is out there calling for different movements for our perversions. 🤔🤔 Hold up I am not justifying any evil at all!!!!!  My version of a hot sexy man is a man who knows how to dress right (great shoes is my personal first thing to look for) but the  you decide to send me a picture of your most private goodies my respect meter hits -50. Baby life is better when you leave room for imagination. Drop this hunger for attention, the desperation is scary. When you’re so busy trying to make the world notice, you end up with fans who don’t care about you but you lose respect with people you need. Wear clothes people and allow us to see you for who you are not what you have. (Some ya’ll look like you’re covered in fur anyway😂😂)

Lucky for all of us we are unique beings. You don’t have to be trashy to get attention just do you honey. Nobody can do you as well as you can and the world is not fulfilled without you. There’s only one of you for the world to enjoy give us a good show. Love like you just learned how to, let people notice when you leave. Don’t let anyone take you for granted, if they don’t appreciate you they don’t deserve you. Be your greatest cheerleader, love you. You cannot be a blessing to others if you don’t even love yourself. Live life to the fullest but keep your eyes open for bumps in this road called life. 

That’s just a start from the Fire Princess. Breathe deep and send some love my way because there’s alot from where that came from.❤❤❤❤❤❤❤