Take A Chill Pill and Listen

Take a deep breathe because am just about to burst your bubble. It’s not always about you so get over yourself. We leave in a ‘me’ generation and it sucks how much we miss in life due to our selfishness. If you look at your life keenly everything you do has an effect on other people so the next time you want to say “it’s my life i can do whatever i want” THINK TWICE or maybe thrice. Most of us are subconsciously careless in the name of rights and freedoms. Today we’ll cover a few senerios and instead of daggers I’d totally prefer if you blew kisses at me😘

I haven’t had sex in ages, at first it was because I was single and I’m not the one night stand type. Oh it sucked so much and during this season i decided to give celibacy a shot. Don’t get me wrong i did not decide on celibacy because there was no one to roll in the sack with nope! It was simply because I wanted more not just for me but for my future spouse and family. I know ya’ll are wondering what it has to do with other people so let me break it down. Each sexual encounter makes you one with your partner so after three guys for example you have collect enough demons and issues to  give legal ground to a whole bunch of demons to attack (not mentioning soul ties). Fornication is such a great ground for the devil to torment you freely and he does it legally so God cannot even stop him unless you repent and get delivered. Fast foward to the great day you meet your soul mate and you two are madly in love the moment you two have sex all the bunch of stuff you collected in your sexcapades is transferred to them. Now your soulmate lives a life full of torment from the devil because you couldn’t keep your legs together. Then kids are born and they inherit your gift of sins and behold this goes on to the fourth generation. Next time you are getting all ready for hot steamy sex (at least i hope you’re having amazing sex😂) keep in mind you are in demon collecting business. 

Okay now that I have you all freaked out and possibly angry let’s tone this down a little. The reason we have so many nude pictures all over is because most of us have the chronic version of the ‘me syndrome ‘. Everyone is posing in great beautiful outfits so to make this show all about me i need to step up and pose in my birthday suit. Then the same generation is out there calling for different movements for our perversions. 🤔🤔 Hold up I am not justifying any evil at all!!!!!  My version of a hot sexy man is a man who knows how to dress right (great shoes is my personal first thing to look for) but the  you decide to send me a picture of your most private goodies my respect meter hits -50. Baby life is better when you leave room for imagination. Drop this hunger for attention, the desperation is scary. When you’re so busy trying to make the world notice, you end up with fans who don’t care about you but you lose respect with people you need. Wear clothes people and allow us to see you for who you are not what you have. (Some ya’ll look like you’re covered in fur anyway😂😂)

Lucky for all of us we are unique beings. You don’t have to be trashy to get attention just do you honey. Nobody can do you as well as you can and the world is not fulfilled without you. There’s only one of you for the world to enjoy give us a good show. Love like you just learned how to, let people notice when you leave. Don’t let anyone take you for granted, if they don’t appreciate you they don’t deserve you. Be your greatest cheerleader, love you. You cannot be a blessing to others if you don’t even love yourself. Live life to the fullest but keep your eyes open for bumps in this road called life. 

That’s just a start from the Fire Princess. Breathe deep and send some love my way because there’s alot from where that came from.❤❤❤❤❤❤❤


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