Untamed romance

I just realised that Christians live their faith life as a love tango, you get so close yet you’re so far away. Let me get a little down and naughty and probably graphic just to drive this point home. We’ve made up our lives into this dance where we are grinding on each other on the dance floor so close to that ecstatic release yet so far away. We live our lives in the foreplay but never get down to the game. I’m wondering how it feels to live a life on the edge, all you get is endless teasing and no gratification. Now that you get the picture let me get to the point. Most of us treat our salvation as the picture painted above, we want a taste of Jesus but we don’t want Him in our lives. We accept the word of God only when it is convenient for us and not all the time as God intends it to be. It is great to be identified with Christianity in these times, it’s just another sect to be part of but we all forget that it is not about the religion but the relationship. When did we get so comfortable that we defile the very altars that we expect God to bless us on? When did we lose that part of us that yelled so loud when we were about to go astray from God’s Word? When did rebuke turn into judgement?  Because now we cannot rebuke or correct our fellow brethren without someone saying that they’re being judged. Salvation is not an action but a commitment, it was not just about Jesus giving up His life so that we may live, No!, it is simply the deal sealed by His blood that our sins were forgiven and we were now in a direct relationship with God. The heavens are wailing because the church is in an untamed romance with miracles, signs and wonders instead of a relationship with God. We are so high on the idea of manifestations that we forget that even the devil can do pretty much all we can think of.

Let’s look back to Moses, God could allow him to turn his rod into a snake and Pharaoh’s people could do the same only using demonic power. We are so busy chasing all the dramatic things that we view as miracles but we forget to test the spirits. I’m in awe of how this generation has allowed gay preachers to even become a thing. Just because he can preach ‘the heavens’ down doesn’t mean he is operating on the right spirit. Don’t get me wrong I am a firm believer in God using any vessel to bring His message (He used a donkey to speak to Balaam) but that does not mean that the vessel is anoited of God. Walk with me and see what i mean…… If truly God is aganist sin why would He allow sin on His altar? He already said in the Bible that two kingdoms cannot be together unless they agree (Amos 3:3) and there is no way the kingdom of God agrees with the kingdom of hell. Before you go after the preacher because he can whoop test the spirits as indicated in 1st John 4:1-6. Do not listen to a prophesy unless it is in accordance to God’s word. Cease the thrill seeking and get down to investing in a relationship with God. Do not chase miracles unless you are also intrested with the source because you do not get the resources unless you interact with the source.

On a personal note, I was looking into my life and wondering why I battled with the same things over and over or why the church has more wounded people than any other place and here is the conclusion I came up with. We get into commitments with the devil without knowing because he knows how to keep us pacified. It’s no longer about generational curses but it’s about what we pick up on our journey of life. Everytime you go chasing a ‘word from the lord’ in a place where the Lord is not even available you pick up a word yes but from a different god. In our desperation to attain miracles we have grabbed more demons than most satanic agents even have. Do you know how much power is in your tongue? All you have to do is speak and situations in our lives change. Use your mouth and quit seeking gratification from places that God doesn’t exist. Drop the tango read the word of God and stick to it beacuse it’s the only manual you need in this life. The only reason David made it is even as much as he struggled with his flesh he knew that God was the only way through life. His relationship with God is one of the most intimate things recorded in the Bible, he allowed God into each part of him hence never having to question what was God and what was not because he knew God well. When you seek the kingdom of God everything else will come to you without question so seek God with dilligence. Let us stop trying to get a taste of God but let us just go all in because that is the only way to overcome all things that we carry with us. Problems, frustrations and struggles are not any part of our identity so allow your Creator into your life because He knows what you need. Stop enjoying the foreplay and just get into it already and trust me it will be explosive. Don’t reduce God to occasion, make Him a daily dose. Yes salvation is not easy but a relationship with God is definitely easy because He is faithful even when we are not. Stop chasing the resources and chase the source, if you have God you will definitely reap the benefits of having Him in you. Miracles, signs and wonders are just manifestations of that which God has given to you so instead of chasing after them speak them into existence because they’re already yours. You’re already victorious, anointed and whatever else you want to be. See yourself through God’s eyes and you will not go looking for approval anywhere else.

Stay blessed, maintain your sanity, pray like Hannah, fight like Deborah, worship like David, Serve like paul and all in all Love like Jesus. ❤❤❤❤❤


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