What IFs

What if what you think is breakthrough is actually you breaking forth from your comfort zone? 

What if what we call revival is just a normal stirring from the heavens but we are so stale spiritually that that looks outstanding?

What if God already granted you the answer to your prayers, but you are still praying because you expected something different? 

What if this is as bad as it gets? Are you ready for the next level?

What if God is waiting on you to take a step for Him to act? Get moving.

What if that shoulder you are leaning on is supporting the hand thay is going to crush you?

What if your greatest fear is the key to your greatest win?

What if your story is my missing piece to deliverance? Testify one to another.

What if you just let loose and worship? The flood gates of heaven will definitely open for you.

What if you dressed up took yourself out and gave yourself what you’ve been expecting from everyone else? Your bar will rise from simple expectations to complex offerings. 

What if you smiled, hugged and helped someone today? Wouldn’t the world feel like a better place?

What if you called one person today and checked on them?

What if you apologized faster than you accuse?

What if you just said i love you to that person who think they are not worth it? 

What if you focused on a healthy mind before anything else? A healthy mind is a healthy life.

What if you are not Paul but Timothy? Would you be okay submitting? 

What if no one is mentoring you because you are actually the pioneer of what os in you and not a protege? 

What if you just allowed yourself to stand out? Allow the world to witness your speciality.

What if we changed all these questions to actions? Wouldn’t life be simpler? Try it out and tell me what you think. 



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