Are you on sale?

The beginning of this year I preached on the story of Jacob and as I was doing my studying realized something about personal worth and how it determines how we carry ourselves. Jacob’s brother Esau did not value his birthright enough to go hungry for just a little while longer. His birthright as the eldest son meant that he had a greater share of blessing but in the heat of the moment he gave a lifetime supply of blessing to an instant comfort with food. This concept got me thinking of the many times that we give up pieces of ourselves to people who do not even deserve to exist in the same space as us. Most of us do not realize that we are a well crafted blue print that God made with no specific special attributes that make us different and special. Even identical twins who share 100% similarity in their DNA they are very different especially in what God intends for them to be. Jacob turned out to be legend while Esau was a one time wonder.

No one can take advantage of you without your consent, no one can run your life unless somewhere down the road you handed them the keys directly or indirectly. As I grow up I’m coming to realize that compromise is a very easy thing to do be it people talk about it or not. We live in a time where our whole life can fit in a tiny device so it is very easy to be taken over. We learn, date, relate even hangout online so in the click of a button you can give someone the key into your life. Think about it this way most people who find out that their spouses or partners are cheating on them find out through texts, emails or calls rarely does anyone get caught pant’s down. We have mastered our deception skills as well as Jacob and his mum had and trust me it pays big time but you will also spend all your life paying for it. It is sad that even though Jacob received the blessings he spent most of his life hiding from his family, worked double time for the love of his life and got a bonus of a woman he did not even like and worst of all was hated by his brother. This is a story of two men who in two different ways missed what God had assigned in their lives because they did not know their worth. In my heart of hearts I know that God had very special assignment’s for both of them, if Esau did not sell his birthright he would have been the father of Israel and Jacob would have been something else greater. Sadly this men chased instant gratification and they missed that which God had for them.

You have the price tag to yourself so you decided who you give a discount, who gets you on credit and who get’s you for free. No body is allowed to get privileges of you that they do not pay for and deserve. Jesus did not die halfway on the cross, He did not decide to go into a coma instead of dying, He went all the way. This also applies to us, if someone is not ready to go all the way for you then they do not deserve even the slightest piece of you. A friend who only shows up when you got it all together and cannot stick with you when you do not even know your next step does not deserve the title friend. We cannot fill our lives with people who take more than they give. Never ever stoop low/ reduce the price on your life for anyone for whatever reason. If they cannot handle you the way you are, they do not have the skills needed to even be in your life. It is very okay to keep everyone at arms length if they deter progress in your life. Looking back to the times I gave up a piece of myself to someone because they made me feel good at that moment I realize  that I gave up more than I thought. A cute guy who say all the right things and looks good but at the cost of your relationship with God, a friend who knows how to turn up at the cost of your family. When not just wait and pray that God aligns the right people your way. Ladies might relate with me when I say that the word sale has a way of making our hearts flutter, getting the same item for a lesser price. Thinking harder you will realize that if you really wanted it you would have paid the full price anyway.

Take away: Take yourself off the sales rack and let people pay full price for who you are. If they cannot afford you it also means they cannot handle you.

*******stay tuned as we go through more of these series of self worth.You hold the price tag to yourself. You choose who to give a discount and who to sell to o


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