The one gift not wrapped in glitter


As I was growing up I thought he was a superhero, you know another version of superman. He was always able to fix everything that was wrong and even when people were not nice to us I always knew that if I had him on my side all would be well. My dad has never allowed anything to stop him from loving us. When I was young probably three years old his mum and sisters were not fond of my mum and so this day after my dad left they came and insulted her a lot. When my dad came and heard what happened he was so angry that he fought everyone until my grandpa had to stop him and call a family meeting. When everyone was settled down in my grandma’s house, my dad lifted me and put me on the table and said to me “Rudia nyuma yangu (say this after me) kutoka leo hatutawai rudi huku tena ata shida itupate hatutawai rudi huku tena amen. (from today we will never come back here even if problems come our way amen) I repeated the declaration and after I was done he said to them that we would never come back until they realized that my mother was there to stay and they were ready to respect her. At that time this words sounded just like a funny declaration but now I do see the magnitude of it all. My dad was ready to leave his family because we came first to him. (don’t worry I’ll tell you what happened in another edition but we stayed away from them for close to a year) The reason that I started with that glimpse is that now that it is father’s day I’m not even sure how to appreciate my dad. He is the gift that God delivered to me and even though he is not covered in glitter his actions shine. There is no school to learn how to be a dad but if you are not one already you might want to learn a few things from my dad and if you already are a dad stay tuned for a refresher course.

One day my brother and I went out for a concert until past our curfew. We had a well planned lie but too bad my dad already knew where we were. We walked into the house with our rehearsed lies and went ahead to narrate it to my dad and he was quiet and we thought he bought it. When we were about to walk away he said “come and take my shoes from here and put the away” We both walked back towards him and no sooner had we bent down than we fell down like we had been electrocuted. He had this well curved cane right at his feet and he had just hit us simultaneously. Trust me when I tell you that it was so painful that I felt like my whole body was on fire but that was just but the beginning. He gave us a few more hits before the truth was flowing out of us like a water from a fountain. We even confessed mistakes from months before. Oh all week in school our sore bodies turned us to the best students ever. All I’m saying is a dad should be a disciplinarian and also able to call it when his kids are lying(this takes skill and full knowledge of your kids)

A dad takes his children side even if all the evidence shows that the kid is guilty. In what I like to call my past lifešŸ˜‰šŸ˜‰, I orchestrated a strike in my school. Everyone from the student, teachers, school board and even villagers knew and said it was me but my dad defended me until everyone started doubting their conviction. I was suspended and when I went home my dad was angry and I was disciplined but when it was time to go back to school he defended me every step of the way. I went into the board and council of elders(this by itself can tell you how much serious trouble I was in) and as soon as we walked in my dad told them “My daughter is the best child you will ever have and you losing her will be such a down fall to this school. She has shown that she has influence and you wouldn’t want her to not be on your side. She believes in God and so if she really did something it means it really had to be done so if you punish her it will seem you are fighting God’s good 
work” I was about to burst out laughing when one of them said ” we are so sorry we never looked at it that way and yes she can come back we wouldn’t want her against us” I was so excited even though I was indeed guilty. This action to me as a child gave me security because I knew that even if it was the world against me I had all I needed a great warrior, my dad. (Just so you know he really did whip my behind for being that reckless)

A dad should always show up. My siblings and I are the type of children that join all clubs in school. My dad shows up to everything from horrible rehearsals to all the games we lost. He cheers us on and even makes up really bad sounding songs but all to show us support. A great dad should love his kids mother and treat her well. My dad and mum are best friends and their relationship has taught how to related with each other and even with others. I know that not many families will ever get to the place that we are in because not many people like the work but trust me it is worth it. The world might crumble by my side but the foundation of my family keeps me steady.

Today as we celebrate our fathers keep these few things in mind. Celebrate your dad always not because they might die one day but because appreciation is just an encouragement to show them they are doing right. As a woman even if you are capable of doing it all by yourself never deny your children the chance of having a dad. A dad is not the money, provision or even the soccer games a dad is a presence and you cannot do it as a woman. For those whose biological dads are not with us anymore, look keenly around you God has placed men there to embrace you and it is up to you to walk into that blessing. I believe in my heart of hearts that God never leaves voids in our life. For those who are planning to be dads, trust me it is a very hard job especially if your kids are like my siblings and I but it is so worth it. For those that are dads already, up your game. Be priests, prophets and kings to your children but don’t forget to be clowns, friends, cheerleaders and defenders. I believe that my dad is the best dad in the universe but you can all work hard to be second best.

Happy fathers’ day to you all amazing dads. Feel free to share your great dad experiences with me on the comments or on my email. i’d like to hear from you.




A while back my dad, brother and I went to a conference. I was to be in the worship team and so I travelled a day before them to catch up with rehearsals and stuff. One I was so tiered because I caught my flight right after work and two I was so worried because I was about to work with a team of strangers for a whole week. This was a great opportunity for me but I was not excited about it, I was actually dreading it. Was I going to dress as expected? were they going to like me? would I sound right or would I just freeze up when the moment came? All these questions got me so riled up that I was just on edge. I couldn’t even sleep in my flight and this time not because I was scared but worry kept me up. By the time my flight landed I was more tiered because my brain was overworking and my body was just worn out but I had to make it for the rehearsals in an hour. I stood in the middle of the noisy airport and started praying and I asked God for one thing a SURPRISE!! I put on my earphones and started worshipping God because if all went bad I wanted to have something to hold on to. When my hotel shuttle arrived the driver was just a ray of sunshine, he was so hilarious and had me cracking in no time. We made small talk about the weather and every simple thing strangers would talk about but by the time I got to the hotel I was in a totally different mood and ready to conquer a few more hours before sleep. I checked in and as I walked to the elevator one of the team leaders was coming out of it. I knew her from all the communications we had had before this day but she had no idea who I was. Out of the blue this wonderful lady walked up to me and just embraced me as if we were friends who had not seen each other in ages and then she smiled and said welcome and she walked away. I raced into the elevator and my heart was racing from joy and wonder. I freshened up then sat down on my bed and asked God to help me out because I was about to go meet close to fifty strangers who may or may not like me. I never even know I cared what people thought about me until this time. Funny how God uses such moments to show us our weak points. I walked into the hall we were supposed to meet and the technical team was still working to get the sound system up and running. I saw the lady I had met standing at corner with so I decided to go introduce myself . The four ladies were all so nice and in a few minutes we were deep into stories I was at peace and it felt like I had made friends. This was different for me because I am not used to people being selflessly nice apart from my family so this whole thing was so foreign. I am definitely a talkative woman but only my family and friends bring out this side of me but with everyone else I am reserved that some would label me antisocial. I looked at my watch and it was two hours already and more people had come but everyone was good. We decided to have dinner before anything and one lady readily wanted to go with me. By this time I was already too suspicious of everyone for being too nice that I started making excuses of not going with her but she was having none of that. We went to dinner and conversation flowed with so much ease that by the time it was over I was convinced that she was indeed a nice person. When rehearsal started I was too overwhelmed by all this, that it was all a blur (I was probably singing like a strangled cow but I was beyond caring)

The next day I decided to wait and see if the first day was just pretense only to find it was just a taste. These people were so good that I found myself wanting to just be around them and get ‘infected’ with this goodness. Day two of the conference I was so overwhelmed by how God had decided to SURPRISE me. Tears were flowing all day because God had just shown me that people would be nice without expecting anything in return. That in these world there are people who are good just because. I cried when we were praying, I cried when people smiled at me and worse I cried when they all complimented how beautiful I was or how well I did my make up( thank God for waterproof make up) Thank God for the Holy Spirit because I think everyone thought I was just so drowned in God’s presence that’s why I was crying. Yes by the end of the week I just wanted to pack this bunch of people and take them home!!! That sounds like a scene that would fit in criminal minds so I refrained myself from it. A group that prays for you and with you, laughs with you and makes you laugh, bring out the beauty and glow from deep within you is more than I had asked from God but He indeed surprised me. This reminds me of Sinach’s song He did it again she says; “I am counting my blessings. I can’t keep it to myself, when I thought He had done too much, ooh,  Jesus did it again.” This is the song I am dancing to because God indeed went beyond what I even asked for. I even shared meals with them and considering how wiered i get about food (only foodies like me get this) I was very okay with it. 

I learned two things in this experience. One not everyone is a vampire ready to suck your blood(I hope you have that image in your head, you’ll need it) When you fail to trust people because someone hurt you or just because you have trust issues you miss on opportunities and connections because you are too busy trying to miss non existent bullets. I would not have had the extent of breakthrough I had in that conference if I allowed my already existing walls to stay in place. I know people say trust is earned but my new view is trust is offered until someone proves otherwise. Two, just when you think you have yourself figured out God will expose your weak points so as to strengthen you. God is consistent but He is also progressive and He demands the same from us. He wants us to grow and become better. When God lets you into a vulnerable situation instead of complaining lean on to Him and allow Him to work  on you. God loves you so much that He would never allow you to be weak when He can strengthen you. Lean on Him and trust Him to know what is good for you.

This is how much happy I was as God got me through this experience. I even think I got excessively talkative by the end of the week. PS: I was still crying on my way home but this time it was because i was going to miss them and I was thankful to God for giving me the most wonderful experience of my life…..Now you’re in the know Yours Truly FIRE PRINCESS.

Destiny in the hands of God (review)


“It is important to celebrate your hard times. If you keep the right attitude and are patient and persistent, something good is more likey to be norn out of the hard times.” This are the first words that captured my eyes in this book. They are words by a person who has identified that just because with birth comes painful labour pains it doesn’t mean the offspring is any less than spectacular. When you look into the darkness around you and instead of complaining you stand still and wait for your eyes to adjust, you start flourishing. There is nothing impossible with God and this book has just reminded me that God will never forsake us. Even if you don’t think you are good enough or worth it, know that in you God has instilled a gift and if you work on it He will increase it. You might never be the best but always remember no one can do it like you can. Our gifts open doors; For Loise Njeri in this book God used her courage and gift in arts of music and poems to elevate her to schools that she never even thought she would make it to. Always know that God has given us this gifts because the more we cultivate them God uses them as keys to our purpose. If you are going through or have gone through something that has left you feeling like a victim this girl’s testimony is my prescription for you. Her testimony on loss and abuse will have you shouting a song of victory even in your darkest moments. Personally it has taught me that even when the sun doesn’t shine in my world, God has not stopped loving me and no matter what it really is i will make it through. This book is for that woman who needs a reason to live tomorrow. When all your hope is lost a page in this book is all the encouragement you need. Get your copy today and start your healing process.