6 weeks Reset (09/11/17-10/23/17)


Hi Loves

I hope you are well. I have definitely missed hearing from all of you so hit me up and tell me how life is going on your end. My team and I have come up with a 6 week reset program and I think it is much needed at a time like this. so here goes the details.

For 6 weeks starting September 1st 2017 I will do life with you. Together we will review and tackle every aspect of your life. YES!!! I mean EVERY ASPECT!!!💯💯. I will be dealing with relationships, work, fashion, finances, faith, mentorship and many more😉. In these 6 weeks I will be at your disposal, yeah you can call me, text me and email me any day and any time🤔🤔. This program is reserved for personal 18yrs and above. We have 150 slots and the first 100 are free. To register go to my home page and hit the contact me button. In not more than 300 hundred words tell me why you think you need the program. I am excited to do this with you.❤


Consistent but progressive 


My God is a consistent God. He is the same yesterday, today and forever, He changes not. This similar concept is expected of me as His child. God expects NO! Scratch that He DEMANDS only one character trait from us throughout and that is holiness. However, most of us have misconstrued consistency to stagnation. We are okay with just being okay because we view our current situation as God’s plan for our lives. Most of us have limited destiny to the place in our lives where our ability ceased. “I was fired from that job but I can still pay my bills somehow so this must be God’s plan for this season” mmmh🤔 How many times have you limited God to just enough? Just because it relieves the itch doesn’t mean it’s all you deserve. Some of us are stuck in a series of bad situations not because God has not heard your cry or even delivered you but because we are comfortable in this moments. Psalms 23 the Bible talks about the good Shepherd whose work is to guide us through different seasons of our lives (green pastures, still waters, valley of the shadow of death..) This means that God expects movement from us. Progression from darkness to light, from mountains to valleys etc. depending on what God has for you in that season.

A while back I found myself questioning God about my purpose and what He wanted me to do. I’m sure all of you have been at that point where you knew God was doing something in you but had no idea what it was. That exactly was my predicament but what was really bothering me was the fact that God was pushing me out of my comfort zone. God was putting me in positions that I probably would avoid for the rest of my life. It took me a while to surrender to God and let Him use me however He pleased and trust me when I say that was the key to my greatest breakthroughs. When I allowed myself to be progressive with God I started to witness just how great of a Father He is. He takes care of my insecurities and makes sure that before He takes me from still waters to valley of the shadow of death I’m ready. Allowing yourself to be vulnerable and open to God’s will opens a door for Him to use you fully without any hindrances. Unlocking your potential is only possible when you take the first step. I understand it’s scary to give up full control to God but it is worth every single experience. Don’t let the devil lure you into the illusion that you are the best version of you right now because if God was done with you you’d be dead. You messed up, so what? His grace is sufficient, get up honey, repent and move on. When your insecurities and fears start to minister to your mind speak the word of God to them. Tell them who God says you are. All God needs from your character is holiness. Act right and keep moving with Jesus.

Take Away: Look into your life and identify the part of you that ain’t progressive then allow God to work on you. Can’t wawait to hear your testimonies. #Fireprincess