Thy Word.

Psalms 119:11 “Thy Word have I hidden in my heart that I may not sin aganist thee.” This words have been stirring in me a hunger for God even in my daily life. Yes I do struggle with sin but I’m encouraged that with God’s Word I can stay away from sin.

By being around people I’ve learnt that ponography is an epidemic. It is a dirty secret in very many people’s closets. It rarely starts in a dramatic way like you might be thinking. It rarely is introduced to you by a pervet friend or abusive relative, most of the time it’s by accident. Simply clicking on the wrong links or from a pop-up on your screen. The first time I ever saw a porn video was actually as I was doing a school assignment and I clicked on a link and the screen was filled with it. At this point I had a choice to look away or to look into it. I choose the latter. I used the excuse of wanting to learn more about sex (as if sex ed was not enoughūü§Ē). In that moment I not only fed my curiosity but also my mind and heart. This aroused things in me that I never thought existed. Lust flared in me like a bon fire in dry weather. One peek couldn’t satisfy the beast I had just brought to life in me. I went through each category and watched all different scenes and even bookmarked some for later. Fast forward to a few weeks later the watching turned to watching and masturbation. The seed of lust that I had planted grew beyond anything I could satisfy. Until I decided enough is enough. 

I went to the Bible and allowed God to speak to me. First I reminded myself that my body is God’s temple so it had to be a holy ground. I repented and asked God to forgive me and also to cleanse me. Then I asked God to deliver me from the spirit of lust. The best part was when I started reading the word to myself anytime my mind started to tread back to my previous ways. I can truly atest that the Word has never failed me. It has held me solid till now that I don’t even struggle with the issue. I know by now you are wondering why I had to lay my heart this way‚úč. I had to assure someone who is struggling in sin that they are not alone and also that there is a way out. I am not the first to be bound neither I’m I going to be the last but from my experience we can learn a few things.(well unless the devil takes a vacationūüėā) When it gets tough allow God to talk you through it. His word is His voice to you and through it you will be delivered. The word of God is like a double-edged sword, it works for you, with you and aganist your enemies. Don’t allow the devil to win, use the word. Speak like Jesus and say “IT IS WRITTEN” because even the devil knows that Heaven and earth shall pass away but the Word of God shall stand forever.

Yours truly Fire Princess ‚̧‚̧


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