Just saved🤔 **not enough**

I was talking with one of my girls a few weeks ago about the kind of man we would like to marry and I noticed something so interesting. We have been friends for many years and as we grew this list changed. At first it was mostly physical and financial qualities that we cared about most, then we got saved and we wanted a God fearing man but now being saved and cute ain’t enough anymore. We just don’t want you to be saved but we want people with a relationship with God. Not a casual relationship where you flirt with God when you’re lonely or when your life is messed up but a full-time committed relationship. 

We live in a time where if you put salvation or God fearing as a prerequisite that you will end up with the fools who say “I am spiritual but not religious.” Baby even demons are spiritual, the question is simple “What is your relationship with God? ” Most ladies are busy making a list of how we want a man who can be a priest in our houses but are you a woman enough to serve the priest? 
Can you submit to him as you submit to God? Guys can God entrust you with her life? Are you sensitive enough to the Holy Spirit to hear His will for you?

As soon as you think of it this way you will realize that you don’t want just a saved guy or girl. You want a person who knows God and has an outstanding relationship with Him. A person who is okay with seeking God to get to you. A person who God can entrust your future to. A person that can prophesy over you, guide you,pray over you, declare and decree God’s will over your life, love on you unconditionally and protect you. Yes being saved is not enough🤔🤔🤔


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