Stalking outcomes✋

Hold up right there! Did you read the title? Now go back and read it again. Good now you think I’ve absolutely lost my mind. I just finished reading thousands of comments off someone’s instagram. I am sweaty, I have heart palpations and I might also be undergoing emotion overload. It started with a meh feeling, then I was laughing, then angry and finally I’m just dissapointed at how much we invest on things that don’t profit us.

This celebrity posted a very vague post, vaguely describing a moment of faliure and in there was also a very generic apology. To me as a regular stalker😊 (Yes I am a certified stalker) this post was just something I would have overlooked.  One because his life is non of my buisness apart from the part I enjoy observing their lives and two because his life does not affect mine in any form or manner. As I spent most of my free time (I should have taken a nap instead) reading those comments I noticed that people were so offended and hurt by this man’s action even though he had failed his family and not the public. This got me thinking of how we allow people to have influence over us just because they’re famous. We have actual soul-ties to celebrities who barely care about us. We have attached ourselves to ships that are sailing in the opposite direction of our destined path because that ships looks brighter than your own. I would understand if this person had done something to disrespect others like maybe being racist or sexist or whatever public offence but he was talking about his personal issues. We have integrated ourselves into other people’s lives that even when a family is going through crisis it ruins your life. Some of us the only thing separating you from the Kardashian family is your last name. You already have assigned yourself a place in their house. SMH!

Anyway now that my rant is over and I’ve exposed my stalking tendancies😉 let me drop some wisdom. All that glitters is not gold. Don’t waste time coveting lives of people just because it is displayed perfectly on camera. Use that time and energy to create a life of your own. Don’t get so caught up in other people’s lives that you miss building your own. Remember if you place yourself into my life most probably as I fight my demons they’ll attack you too because you have made yourself a part of me. Be you and when you feel need to see how
 other people’s lives are going borrow my stalker glasses. Now go in peace and sin no more😂😂😂 (Okay that last part I’ve been dying to say for a while)
Yours truly Fire Princess ❤❤❤


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