Silver Anniversary 

Well our family birthday is here yet again. This is the day my parents said “I do” to each other. This year marks 25yrs of marriage for them meaning our family is 25yrs old. I call it our family birthday because that way I don’t feel left out of the love story😊. Yes I know what you are thinking right now but to answer your question, I am that person who finds an excuse to make a party about them😉. Back to the point here people!! In all those years this one is very special to us as a family and more so to my parents. This silver jubilee came with all sorts of silver linings. 

In all these years my parents have never gone on vacation without us. Now they’re in London enjoying their sweet romance. Just so you know this means I’m babysitting or rather teenage-sitting😏. I’m amazed at this love story because rarely do people grow in love. It is so easy to stay in love with someone but actually growing in love with them everyday, every year is phenomenal. They had their chances to go and see the world so many times but they always put us first or someone else but because they always acted as a unit they never fell apart. In 25yrs my mum has supported my dad’s vision of being a pastor in ways that many may never know. She prayed him up, dressed him up and loved him through and through for years. My dad made sure that her dream to be a nurse became a reality. Not because she had to work but because she wanted it. He stayed up with her as she studied, cooked for her, made sure bills were paid, took care of us and still took care of the church. 

I know I sound like a hopeless romantic but what I have learned in all these years is that God is love. Those times when we had nothing but each other God never left hence our feelings for each other remained intact. When we failed each other and even tried to strangle each other🙄 God was still there so even in our hate, love abided. 25 years might not seem like alot but to us it has been a journey and to our parents it has been a race. 

***PS: If you see my parents in London tell them to stop fretting and calling alot. Also make sure they don’t come back until the vacation is over. I’ll tell you the juicy parts of the 25yrs in the next episode❤❤❤


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