SOAR by Bishop T.D Jakes.


Think of an eagle. Great! Now picture it flying to heights unknown without losing focus. Perfect! Now you are in the right mindset to hear about this book.

As soon as I read the intro of this book I told myself that not everyone can SOAR because it is very different from basic flying. It is an action that does not require a special skill but a special person all together. My skill set is not enough to take me to the heights God has predestined for me hence I need to let Him renew me mind, body and soul to fit into the role. The beauty about all these is that it all starts from the ground. You have an endless room to create your take-off momentum. The questions are “are you willing to overcome all obstacles and rise? Are you willing to defy the odds?”

If you are an entrepreneur or you want to be one this book is a must have. Check it out it is a key to mind opening knowledge.


A colouring journal to Lift the Soul by Gina Graham


I never thought I’d sit down and color a book but as soon as I got this one I was hooked. It’s amazing how colors can tell you about yourself. On a good day the colors are beautiful and in sync. On a distressed day the confusion, frustration and all negativity is displayed in the choice of colors. This form of journaling has allowed me to open up more and to be well versed with my inner man. Check out this book and get ready to be changed. It’s also a great way to bond with your kids and the verses in there are great.

Review: Unshakable Trust by Joyce Meyer


Recently I wrote a piece entitled The T word  and sometime after I came across this book. Trusting God is one of the hardest things for believers because none of us want to give up full control of our lives. When I looked at the cover of the book and noticed that she describes the book as “Find the Joy of Trusting God at All Times, in All Things”  I was intrigued. It is not just trusting God but doing it with Joy. Allow me to walk you through the things that stood out most for me. (PS:I could just quote the whole book because it is that good💯)

I wouldn’t have guessed that a simple gesture like trusting would make my life easier. As described in the first chapter “Trust enqbles us to live without weights, burdens or cares.” This simply means that when you put your trust in God you are casting your cares to Him and as the Bible says if we cast our cares to Him He will take care of it. All I keep thinking since I read this book is how great life is when I trust God. I think this right here is the cure of depression because if I lay everything to God I don’t have to worry anymore. 

Then Joyce goes ahead and quotes words I always say “You can’t trust anybody these days.” For some reason I was expecting her to give me a tap in the back and say “My child you are indeed very correct” but lo and behold I was so far from being right😏. She has explained in detail how just because you cannot trust everyone doesn’t mean you can’t trust anyone. It is amazing how she has even described how to trust according to the scriptures ( Trust me *pun intended*😉 by now I’m a changed person and this is just chapter 3) 

Trusting is not a passive exercise. Sorry guys but just like every gift it is very active. You don’t just trust and sit back, you work on it and for it. “Trusting God means that we cast our care on Him and refuse toworry or be anxious about anything, but it does not mean that we cast our responsibility away” says Joyce. Ain’t  it a great thing that we just have to work without wasting our time and energy worrying about the what ifs of life? (By now you should be a new creature🤔 after that lesson).

Lastly I will share my best part because I’m tempted to keep talking about this book all day. She has two chapters entitled In God’s Waiting Room. These chapters have impacted my life greatly because they tackle the aspect of patience in trust. It gets harder to trust when you have to wait on God but in those times you should trust Him even more. I being one of the people who try to ‘help’ God in helping me have found this lessonto be pricessless. She even says thst God has forever to work things out. He is not limited by our deadlined and timelined but He will always show up in His appointed time. The beauty of it is that God will never be late, He will always show up on time to rescue you. Getting your mind to trust God will take you a long way. Thinking moulds our attitudes which in turn moulds our reactions. If you aspire to think positively even through the gruesome waiting period you will come out the other side encouraged and victorious. Wait with hope and obedience!!!

Okay this book just put me into a knowledge coma. You cannot miss to read this life changing book because after all when did it hurt to get better🤔. 

Destiny in the hands of God (review)


“It is important to celebrate your hard times. If you keep the right attitude and are patient and persistent, something good is more likey to be norn out of the hard times.” This are the first words that captured my eyes in this book. They are words by a person who has identified that just because with birth comes painful labour pains it doesn’t mean the offspring is any less than spectacular. When you look into the darkness around you and instead of complaining you stand still and wait for your eyes to adjust, you start flourishing. There is nothing impossible with God and this book has just reminded me that God will never forsake us. Even if you don’t think you are good enough or worth it, know that in you God has instilled a gift and if you work on it He will increase it. You might never be the best but always remember no one can do it like you can. Our gifts open doors; For Loise Njeri in this book God used her courage and gift in arts of music and poems to elevate her to schools that she never even thought she would make it to. Always know that God has given us this gifts because the more we cultivate them God uses them as keys to our purpose. If you are going through or have gone through something that has left you feeling like a victim this girl’s testimony is my prescription for you. Her testimony on loss and abuse will have you shouting a song of victory even in your darkest moments. Personally it has taught me that even when the sun doesn’t shine in my world, God has not stopped loving me and no matter what it really is i will make it through. This book is for that woman who needs a reason to live tomorrow. When all your hope is lost a page in this book is all the encouragement you need. Get your copy today and start your healing process.